Bridging The Healthcare Gap for Children
with Intellectual Disabilities





Project Type

UX Design


UX Designer


Breaking down barriers

Inclusive is a nonprofit organization that provides medical services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in New York City. As part of this project, our team built an MVP for Inclusive.


New York City parents find it frustrating and overwhelming to search for speech therapy for their children because of what they are facing: a complicated process with limited information that makes it extremely difficult for parents to figure out how to find speech therapy for their children.


Our goal is to create an online application that will provide parents with all of the resources and information they need to obtain medical resources for their children as well as a place to find guidance on intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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My Role/Responsibilities

UX research, UI design, UX - Business - Marketing Collaboration



User Research


A survey was conducted on 20 participants to identify which products and features or products people are currently using or which cars they owns and their pain-points and determine which solution would be the best to implement.

User Interviews

A variety of competitive analyses, user surveys, and interviews were conducted by our research team. Based on the major themes and insights, we synthesized research findings and insights to inform our future decisions.

Key Takeaways

Parents want a one-stop-shop source of information that can help guide them through the complicated process of finding a speech therapist for their child.


Parents also need to establish trust in the web application in order to utilize and maximize the benefits of the resources.


Parents value the input and perspectives of other parents who can relate to them.


The location, specialization, and/or length of time in business of speech therapists are key factors for parents when choosing a speech therapist.

Competitive Market Analysis

Competitive Market analysis to identify competitor's positioning in the market to define the market strategy for Maruti Subscribe's features and information structure.



After conducting user interviews, all the participants responses were synthesized to identity themes, opportunities, and features that Maruti Subscribe as product could focus and improve upon.

Brand Guidelines


Cooking up a better experience

To kick-off the design process, quick sketches helped me get ideas on paper to establish which elements were necessary for each screen. A low fidelity prototype was then created for initial user testing.


Rough sketches were done to get my initial thoughts on paper and brainstorm new ideas for specific UI elements.

Low-Fidelity Prototypes

Using the feedback and insights gained from research, analysis and sketching, a low-fidelity prototype was created to begin user testing.

Onboarding screens
Subscribe car


A highly curated experience

Maruti Subscribe customer centric interface with tantalising aesthetics and engaging experience.


Users can either subscribe a new car as well as old car.

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